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NGO( Non-Government Organisation) or Non-Profit Organisation is a kind of entity which is run for various social activities like- Human health, Education, Human Rights, Poverty, environment and many more activities. NGO is categorised in three forms i.e. (a) Trust (b) Societies (c) Section 8 Company (Old Section 25). In case you are confusing, we will help you select the right option and guide you the entire NGO registration process. DialMyCA offers online incorporation service of NGO for Indian citizen at a much affordable price. Choose a plan according to your nature.

Benefits of NGO Registration

Several Tax Exemption

NGO's are generally exempted from several central and state taxes in India. If you are involved in any social activities which are carrying under NGO registration, then you will be leaved from the high percentage of corporate tax. But as per the GST Act, some of the services specified in the GST act are liable to pay GST.

Tax Exemption From Donations

After incorporating an NGO, you can apply for donation from the national and international level. But if you are not registered NGO, then you will not be eligible for the said exemption. You can also get individual donations if you are registered because you will have to give them an 80G certificate for their contribution.

Protection From Personal Liability

Another significant benefit of incorporating NGO is that you can protect members of your organisation from personal liabilities. Generally, employees, officers and board members enjoy the benefit of corporate debts and lawsuits; creditors can only claim your NGO's assets, not your personal assets.

Organizational Eternity

As nature and rule, an NGO is separate from its governing body and it has a different legal existence. Means any circumstance arises on members or governing body of the NGO will not end the organisational Eternity. This feature of an NGO makes donors appreciate to donate.

Formalized Structure

With incorporating an NGO, you will need to perform the formalized role with the job description on a regular basis. As doing and running an NGO itself as a great work, it will welcome more people to work with you in hand to hand.

No Salary Payment

NGO's are not paying salary to their members. As it is an voluntary based work, huge amount of money is saving. Moreover each volunteer has different expertise, skills and resources which help very much to smooth running the NGO activity.

Price Table
Plan - A

Small Ngo 1

+ GST 18%

Who ngo
  • abcd
  • efgh
Service ngo
  • ijkl
  • mnop
Docs ngo
  • qrst
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Plan - B

Medium Ngo

+ GST 18%

Who Ngo 2
  • ok9
  • ok0
Service 2
  • ok8
  • ok7
Docs 3
  • ok90
  • ok80
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Plan - C

Large Ngo

+ 18%

Who should buy 12
  • ok11
Service high
  • ok13
  • ok14
Docs required
  • ok15
  • ok16
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Q.Can I start NGO in a rented property?

A.Yes, you can start NGO in any rented property. It is not necessary to owning a property to start the NGO; only you required a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner of the rented property.

Q. Can a Government employee be the trustee of an NGO?

A. Yes, as per Indian law a Govt. employee can be the trustee on an NGO or Non Profit Organisation.

Q. Can a Trustee take salary from an NGO or Trust?

A. No, a trustee cannot take salary from an NGO or Trust. In case a trustee doing some professional work for the said NGO or Trust, he/she can take compensation from the NGO or Trust. It is also notable that any trustee cannot take unjustified compensation against his/her work.

Q. Can an NRI be the trustee on an Indian NGO?

A. Yes, an NRI be the trustee on an Indian NGO, there is no restriction from Government about this.