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Partnership registration or incorporation is the subject of involving a legal process which should be handled by a professional tax consultant. In partnership business there are two or more individuals are operating and managing the business as per the terms described in the Partnership Deed. Incorporating Partnership firm is very popular among small and medium-sized business, and DialMyCA makes it very easy by offering Online Partnership Firm registration service in India. Choose a plan according to the nature of your business.

Benefits of Partnership Firm Registration

Easy Formation

The main benefit of incorporating of Partnership Firm is you not need to register it like other corporate and LLP business. Legal formalities and other complications are not involved in forming a Partnership Firm. A simple deed in the mode of written or oral is adequate to start a Partnership Firm. Though there are only a few states in India enable law for registration of Partnership Firm and so if you are falling to any such criteria, we are here to guide you.

Larger Resources

More resources mean more growth in your business and the theory is executable for any Partnership Firm as multiple members have multiple ideas and resources. Several ideas and resources make the way of growth of the Partnership Firm whereas Sole Proprietorship firm is limited to its resources and ideas from the owners.

Flexibility in Operation

Flexibility in operation is good for Partnership Firm as legal formalities are less associated with its incorporation besides some States. Here every partner has the right to customise their responsibilities and area of work in the business without legal formalities. Decision making in a partnership firm is very fast and easy compared to other corporate business modules as partners are the owners of their organisation.

Case Against Third Party

After completing deed registration of the Partnership Firm owners or partners have the right to bring any third parties in the Court towards any disputes in the business or any other issue relating to the Partnership Firm. In this context, we like to inform you that without deed registration, the power of law will not be applicable for the said partnership firm to protect any interest and rights of the partners or owners.

Contribution of Capital

Capital is a crucial part of any organisation to smooth continuing the business and in Partnership Firm, there is a good resource of capital as multiple partners contributing money as capital. So this is the remarkable benefit of incorporating a partnership firm.

No Statuary Audit

A notable benefit of incorporating partnership firm is that statuary audit is not applicable to it, that means books of accounts is not necessary to be audited by a Chartered Accountant until and unless Income Tax Department asking for it.

Price Table
Plan - A

Small Partner 3

+ GST 18%

Who Partner
  • a1
  • a2
Service Partner
  • b1
  • b2
Docs Partner
  • d1
  • d2
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Plan - B

Medium Partner 2

+ GST 18%

Who buy
  • abc
  • efg
Service High
  • ijk
  • lmn
  • opq
  • rst
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Plan - C

Large Partner 303

+ 19%

Who can buy
  • a3
  • b3
Service highlights
  • c2
  • c3kk
Documents needs
  • kl
  • rp
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Q.What is a Partnership Business?

A. Partnership Business is an activity where multiple people collectively contributed capital and resources to form a business. Here all partners are treated as owner of the business and percentage of profit and risk of each partner is determined in the Partnership Deed.

Q. Why Partnership Firm need to be registered?

A. As per partnership act registration is not compulsory but due to following reason partnership firm is required to registration

- Without registering the firm partners have no right to file case in any court.

- Without registering the firm partners have no right to file case in any court.

Q. Does a partnership firm be liable in the name of the firm?

A. Yes. A partnership firm is liable in its own name. The firm has separate legal identity from its partners. Here partners do not enjoy limited liability as compared to LLP or a company. In case, a firm not able to discharge its liability, the partners will be called to remit the balance liability on behalf of firm