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Proprietorship registration or incorporation is the subject of involving a legal process which should be handled by a professional tax consultant. Proprietorship business is owned, controlled and managed by a single person. Those who are thinking of incorporating a small business without getting much hazard, proprietorship is the best option for them and DialMyCA offers online Proprietorship Firm registration service for Indian citizen in much affordable price. Choose a plan according to the nature of your business.

Benefits of Proprietorship Firm Registration

Ease Formation

In India who is looking to form a business without spending much amount form their pocket, incorporating Proprietorship is a great option for them. In India, there are many states giving benefits of “non-double taxation” for Proprietorship firm. As per law if the owner desires to use a separate name for his Proprietorship firm, he or she can give any name to grow and highlights of their business marketing.

Tax Benefits

Another benefit of incorporating a Proprietorship firm is that you don’t need to file a separate business tax report; all income and expenditure will be shown to your personal Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. Thus you can able to save money on accounting and tax filing. The taxable amount of the proprietorship firm will be calculated as per personal tax slab rates, not corporate tax slab.


You can hire employees for your sole Proprietorship firm, which will give you the opportunity to job creation in unemployment India and help you to create tax breaks. The spouse of the business owner also can be an employee of a Proprietorship firm without any formal employment process. In India, a married couple can start a Sole Proprietorship business, but only one will have the controlling power.

Decision Making

In Sole Proprietorship the owner have all control in the business. The owner can make any decision he wants and can transfer the sole proprietorship to anyone at any time.

Price Table
Plan - A

Prop Small 35

+ GST 18%

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Plan - B

Prop Medium

+ GST 18%

Prop Who 1
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Prop Service 1
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Plan - C

Prop Large

+ 19%

Prop Who 2
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Prop Docs 2
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Q.What is a Proprietorship?

A. Any sole trading business owned and run by an Indian citizen is called Proprietorship Firm. Here owner and business identity are treated same as per Indian law. Proprietor is personally responsible for all business liabilities.


Q. Who can incorporate sole proprietorship firm?

A. Any Indian citizen having PAN number and current account can apply for registration of proprietorship firm. Though registration depends on nature of your business but Shop & Establishment registration is must.

Q. Types of business you can run as sole Proprietorship?

A. Basically local business like grocery store, milk store, stationery store, fast food store, jewellery store and many more small store and business are generally operating under proprietorship. .

Q. How much time is required to form sole proprietorship?

A. If all documents are submitted correctly and timely then generally it will take not more than 15 days to form. Due to simplicity and less documentation, proprietorship registration is very popular among small business incorporators.

Q. Does sole trader also requires TAN registration?

A. As per Income Tax rules if you are liable to deduct TDS then you must obtain TAN number before filing the TDS return. You can also ask our executives regarding your TAN queries.

Q. Does proprietorship registration can be applied online?

A. Yes, you can apply for proprietorship registration online through us. Submit the required documents to us as per guideline; we will initiate the process on behalf of you.