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Public Limited Company registration or incorporation is the subject of involving a legal process which should be handled by a professional tax consultant. As per the Indian act, a Public Limited Company has a separate legal identity from its owners. A private limited company has no right to raise capital from public or issue shares for public subscription. The registration of Public Limited Company is complicated compared to proprietorship and partnership firm. DialMyCA offers online incorporation service of Public Limited Company for Indian citizen at a much affordable price. Choose a plan according to the nature of your business. 88

Benefits of Incorporating Public Limited Company33

Steady Business Growth ab

Private Limited Companies can adapt tech-driven techniques and expand their business rapidly with the accessibility to an adequate amount of capital.ww

Raise Capital through Issue of Shares ab

Insufficiency of capital is inevitable while running a business, but a Public Limited Company has the option to raise capital by the public issue of Shares, unlike a Private Limited Company.334

Funds are easily Transferable lp

The Shares of a PLC can be transferred easily. Since the stocks of a Public Limited Company are listed on stock exchange, it drives more potential shareholders.kk

Access to additional Funding,ss

Banks and financial institutions generally render credit/ loans to Public Limited Companies at favorable interest rates. Moreover, the authority lies in hands of PLC to negotiate the terms of conditions for loan repayment.76g

Limited Liability of the shareholders,mm

In Public Company registration, the liability of the shareholder and Directors is limited to the extent of the shares they hold in the company. For example, if the company suffers from any financial contingencies because of primary business activity, then in such case personal assets of shareholders and Directors will not be snatched by the Banks, creditors, and government.

Maintains The Brand Protection,123w

In Private Limited Company any foreigner or NRI can do investment without the Government approval. As a result, foreign investment inflow is creating and way of the growth of the company is making.98u

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Q.How much time is required to Incorporate a Private Limited Company?

A.After receiving COI (Certificate of Incorporation) the registration process will get completed within 7 days.

Q.Does physically presence is required during the process?

A.Not necessary, we will do everything on behalf of you.

Q.Does any foreign individual be a shareholders or director in any Private limited Company in India?

A.Yes, any foreign individual or NRI will be a director and shareholders of any private limited company. There is no government restriction about it but at least one director of the board must be resident in India.

Q.Does any stamp duty is required to pay during incorporation process?

A.Yes, stamp duty is required to pay in the registered office during the incorporation process. The stamp duty is imposed by the State Government and applicable on AOA, MOA, Form INC 32.