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A society is an association of several individuals combined using a mutual accord to deliberate, govern and act cooperatively for some communal purpose. Societies are formed and registered promoting and carrying on charitable activities like sports, music, culture, fine arts, religion, art, education, etc.

Under, The Society Registration Act, in India, the society is registered and for this it requires a minimum of 7 or more persons. It states procedures for the society registration & operation. Several state governments without or with further amendments, 1860 have accepted the society registration act. With DialmyCA you can get the online registration of society done at the most affordable rates. Importantly for the registration of society the members need to agree on the name of the society, Memorandum, and the Rules and Regulations of the society.

Benefits Of Incorporating Society

Easy To Form

Society Registration Act is easy and has limited laws in regard to the formation of the society. Nominal fees and compliance rules the society is registered and formed with a minimum of 7 members. DialmyCA further reduces the hassles of registration. Avail tax exemption under income tax act. The societies working under the act are eligible for the filling the income tax return.

Easy Property Laws

The society encounters lesser compliances while registering the property in its name. Also shifting from old property to another entity without complying to any stringent laws is easily possible the society can very easily own a property in its name.

Service Motive

In Cooperative society members are provided with better good and services at reasonable prices. The society also provides financial help to its members < the concessional rates. It assists in setting up production units and marketing of produces c small business houses so also small farmers for their agricultural products The cooperative society is managed by the elected members from and among themselves. Every member has equal rights through its single vote but can take active part in' the formulation of the policies of the society. Thus all members are equally important for the society.

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Q. How to register a Society?

A. For the registration of the society certified copy of Memorandum Of Association & Rules and Regulation for a registered society a fees of Rs.1/- per page will be charged. Application to this effect should contain the Name, Reg. No and must be signed by the General Secretary or the President of the society. After approval for registration, a fee of Rs 50/- in cash is charged. The Registrar of Society on satisfaction of documents Issue a Registration Certificate to the Society.

Q. How to select the name of the Society?

A. As per the society Act 1860 any identical or similar name of a currently registered society is not allowed. Importantly the proposed name should not show connection with the state Government or any other government.

Q. what Documents are required to register a society?
A.To register a society very few documents are required like the PAN card, residence proof (of the members), Memorandum of Association, rules and regulations of the society, covering letter, list of the members, proof of adress (where society is registered), Declaration from the President of the proposed society thst he is willing and competent to hold the said post.

Q. Who has the signing authority in the Society?

A. In general all the documents of the society are to be filed with the Registrar of the societies should be signed by the President or the Chairman or the Secretary of the Society or by any other person specifically authorized in this behalf.