Online Trust Registration in India

The Trust Act 1882 cites the laws for the Trust Registration in India. The Trust Act 1882 defines Trust as, “an obligation annexed to the ownership of property and arising out of a confidence reposed in and accepted by the owner, or declared and accepted by him, for the benefit of another or of another and the owner. In simple words it is a transfer of property by the owner to another for the benefit of a third person along with or without himself or a declaration by the owner, to hold the property, not for himself and another.” Most of the Trusts in India are registered as a public charitable trust, which is a non-profit entity. Public charitable Trusts are formed for various reasons like providing social services, education, healthcare, and provision for facilities for recreation and any general welfare reason. if you desire top form Trust then DialmyCA helps you with online registration of the Trust without any hassle at the most affordable prices. To start the process the founder of the Trust or the “Author of the trust” has to figure out a document that has details regarding the objective of the Trust and the manner the trustees will work towards achieving the goal. The document is called Trust Deed.

Benefits Of Registering Trust

To Involve In Charitable Activities

Charitable trusts are set with the common objective of getting involved in charitable activities while collecting certain benefits for him, his heir and successors.

Registered Trust Avails Tax Exemptions

The main reason for setting up registered Trust is to avail tax exemptions. Trusts are non-profit organizations and to avail the perquisites, the charitable trust should have a legal entity.

Provides Benefits To Poor People

The trust is set to help and the underprivileged sections of the society.

Preservation Of Family Wealth

Trust is used to own specific assets like land and interest in a family-based company, which would not be suitable or practical to settle or split between individuals. The trust allows the individuals to benefit from the asset however they don’t own them. The trust assists to preserve the capital value of these assets for potential generations.

Immigration / Emigration Of The Family

When a person or the family shifts then to evade the tax in the destination country it is ideal to set up a trust.

Avoid Probate Court

As legal title of assets surpasses from the settlor to the Trustee when they are settled, there is consequently no change in ownership when the settlor dies thus to visit probate of a will in term of trust assets does not arise.

Price Table
Plan - A

Small Trust

+ GST 70%

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Plan - B

Medium Trust

+ GST 18%

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  • ppppp8
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Plan - C

Large Trust 3

+ 19%

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Q. Can the property of trust be sold?

A. The Trustees don’t have the right to sell the property of the Trust, however, if they intend to sell the property then they need to obtain permission from the Civil Court.

Q. What is the procedure for the closure of Trust?

A. The trust is usually irrevocable. However, for reasons like disqualification of the trustee, absence of trustee, mismanagement of the trust, the Trust can be merged with a Trust having a similar objective with the permission of the court.

Q. In what other ways a Trust helps in tax mitigation?

A. The Trust helps in reducing tax on capital and income. The Trust provides effective protection for the settlor, the beneficiaries and the Trust assets from punitive taxation.