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Fire accidents have time and again tarnished a flourishing business and taken the lives of people, mandating the need for regulations concerning the safety of buildings of all kinds. India witnesses an average of 25,000 preventable deaths due to fires and related causes in a year, blame it on the disdain towards the specified rules. The issue of fire license in this country is processed by the different State Governments. In West Bengal, the Fire and Emergency Services department of the State Government administers the affairs associated with it. The provisions concerning fire license are drafted in the West Bengal Fire Service Act of 1950, which had a few amendments over the years. In this article, we look at the various aspects of obtaining fire license in West Bengal in detail.

Facets Relating to Fire Licence


Trade license application must be made to the concerned State Government or Corporation or Municipality. The jurisdiction and procedure for application would differ based on the State regulations

Processing Time

The normal processing time for trade application is 10 - 15 days subject to Government processing time. The certificate can be downloaded online after approval.


In some State, the trade license would be issued only after in-person verification from the concerned authorities. However, many states have also done away with the requirement


In most states, trade licenses are issued with a validity of 1 year. Trade license can be renewed at the end of each year by paying the renewal fee.

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Q. Our's will be a registered private limited company having registered office in Karnataka. Do we also need to get Shop Licence?

A. Every Indian state has enacted certain rules and regulations with regard to conditions of work. The objective is to secure uniform benefits for employees working in different establishments, from shops, commercial establishments and residential hotels to restaurants, theatres and other places of public amusement or entertainment.

Q. When is a Shops and Establishments Act license required?

A. Every shop and establishment needs to register itself compulsorily under this Act within 30 days of commencement of work. As this is such a basic license, many other licenses require this as proof of a commercial business. For example, most banks will require you to furnish it if you want to open a current account.

Q. Our's will be a registered private limited company having registered office in Karnataka. Do we also need to get Shop Licence?

A. The shop & establishment act is applicable to every office and shop where commercial activities are carried on even on employing one employee. Your Office /Corporate office will be covered under the Shop & Establishment Act. and the provision of leave and other rules shall be applicable, even when your company is registered under companies Act.