Online SSI / MSME Registration

The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises has allowed the micro, small, and medium industries to get the MSME registration or the SSI registration under the MSMED Act. It is not a compulsory registration however, owing to the benefits it is feasible to go for the registration.

SSI Registration or Small Scale Industry Registration or Small Business Registration are all the same as MSME Registration in India. SSI Registration is through the Directorate of Industries of the State Government. The main purpose of SSI registration is to maintain statistics and a roll of SSI businesses in India to provide incentives and support services. In the digital era, DialMyCA offers an online MSME registration service for all at affordable prices.

Why MSME Registration Is Require

MSME Registration

MSME Registration is an optional Registration under the MSMED Act that provides Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises with a variety of subsidies and schemes.

Registration Criteria

For the MSME registration, the enterprises in the Manufacturing sector need to have less than Rs.10 crores of investment in plant & machinery; service Enterprises must have an investment of less than Rs.5 crores of investment in plant & machinery.

Bank Loans

The government has made collateral-free credit available to small, micro, and medium industries. Also, there is a benefit of 1% on the overdraft as mentioned in a scheme that can differ from bank to bank.

Industrial Promotion Subsidy

The MSME industries are eligible for a subsidy for industrial promotion as specified by the government.

Price Table
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Plan - B

Medium 456

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Q.Who Can Apply for MSME Registration?

A. One-person enterprise or company with a valid Aadhaar Number can apply for MSME Registration Online.

Q. Is the physical copy of the certificate will be issued?

A. physical copy of the MSME Certificate is not issued as the government believes in paperless work and strive to save the trees.

Q. Is the Aadhaar Number mandatory for online MSME Registration?

A. At present Aadhaar Number is mandatory for the issuance of an MSME Certificate. However, a PAN card is also essential.

Q. What is the difference between MSME Registration and SSI Registration?

A. MSME Registration and SSI Registration or Small Business Registration are the same. Earlier MSME Registration was known as SSI Registration.

Q. When MSME Registration Certificate will be issued?

A. After filing an online MSME application form, MSME Registration Certificate is issued immediately. However, the form should.

Q. What are the chances of rejection of Online MSME Application?

A. Every application will be approved, as the rules are not strict and the Indian Government supports MSME industries. However, the nature of business and service should be legal.

Q. What support is provided by the Ministry for Promotion of Information and Communication Tools (ICT) in the MSME Sector?

A. The Ministry implements the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) scheme to encourage and assist Indian MSMEs to adopt ICT Tools and Applications in their production and business processes, and thereby improve their productivity and competitiveness in the National and International Market.

Q. Is credit rating mandatory for the MSE borrowers?

A. Credit rating is not mandatory but it is in the interest of the MSE borrowers to get their credit rating done as it would help in credit pricing that is cost of funds (interest and other charges etc.) of the loans taken by them from banks.

Q. Are all sick units put under rehabilitation by banks?

A. No. If a sick unit is found potentially viable it can be rehabilitated by the banks. The viability of the unit is decided by banks. A unit should be declared unviable only if such a status is evidenced by a viability study.